Hunting for Makassar Attraction in Tourism Sites

Makassar, a capital city of South Sulawesi, is famous for its beaches and coral reefs spots. You can enjoy Makassar Attractionlike diving and snorkeling in its beach and islands. Located nearby equator line, will give you sensation of enjoying tropical breeze during your summer holiday. Prepare your swim suit, sunglasses and sunblock, and be ready to enjoy these tourist attractions.

  1. Samalona Island

Samalona Island can be reached by chartered boat from Losari Beach. This island offers you Makassar Attraction of diving, and is popular place among divers and snorkelers. The island is located in the west of Makassar and only has an area of 2 hectares only. In addition to the white sandy beach, the main dish on Samalona Island is the beauty of the underwater world. While diving, the traveler can meet a variety of marine biota, such as beautiful coral reefs and colorful sea fish. Its clear water, adding to the beauty of the underwater world.Behind the beauty of the underwater Samalona Island, stored a history. On this island there is a wreck of warships that add to the beautiful layout of the underwater. The ship was supposedly used in fighting in World War II. You can dive around it and it will give you different diving sensation.

  1. Karst Mountain Makassar

The Karst Mountains area of Makassar is also known as the second largest and most beautiful Rock Forest in the World after Karst in Yunnan, China. Karst Maros region itself is formed by limestone rock since thousands of years ago stretched in the district of Maros and Pangkep regency, South Sulawesi, with an area of approximately 40 thousand hectares. The uniqueness of the Maros-Pangkep karst lies in its tower-like shape and stone fortress that stands alone or in groups to form a towering cluster of limestone with a variety of unique shapes. In addition to enjoying the beautiful rock cliffs, you can also explore the caves around karst with the help of a local guide, of course with equipment and clothing that suits the cruising tour of the Cave.

  1. Taka Bonerate National Park

Taka Bonerate National Park is a marine park that has the third largest atoll area in the world after Kwajifein in Marshall Islands and Suvadiva in the Maldives Islands. In fact, this national park is located not in Makassar city, but take 3 hours by bus. The total area of the atoll is 220,000 hectares with the distribution of coral reefs reaching 500 km². There are as many as fifteen islands in Taka Bonerate National Park, so it is great for diving, snorkeling, and other marine tourism. The topography of the area is very unique and interesting, where the atoll consisting of clusters of coral reefs and extensive reefs and sinks, forming islands with a considerable amount.

Those are some different variant of Makassar Attraction. You can chose one of attraction which will meet your personal taste. Asides from those places, Makassar still have many hidden paradises like Losari beach, Langkaiisland, Kapoposang Island, and so on. If you want to access those places with easy accommodation, you can contact local tour and travel which will provide you accommodation during your holiday.

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